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The Unforseen - The battle of Barton Springs

Fellow Austinites, no idea if you've seen the movie, but you'll have seen the lake! This is a clip from the Movie "the Unforseen". The trailer is here.

I've been meaning to go for a couple of weeks, the movie closes this Thursday and is playing at the Alamo Drafthouse South. Here is their description of the film.

"An ambitious west Texas farm boy with grandiose plans tires of living at the mercy of nature and sets out to find a life with more control. He heads to Austin where he becomes a real estate developer and skillfully capitalizes on the growth of this 1970s boomtown. At the peak of his powers, he transforms 4,000 acres of pristine Hill Country into one of the state’s largest and fastest selling subdivisions. When the development threatens a local treasure, a fragile limestone aquifer and a naturally spring-fed swimming hole, the community fights back. In the conflict that ensues, we see in miniature a struggle that today plays out in communities across the country." - The film was produced by Robert Redford and Terence Malick

I wasn't around then, but I'd certainly like to understand some of the history. I'm either going to shoot for 6.15pm Wednesday, or 10pm Thursday.
Screenings (click on a show time to buy tickets):
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