That's pretty slick. Maybe they can warm Barton Springs up to a reasonable temperature. ;)

How was the ride on Saturday? We wound up doing a 5 hour 83 miler (into the hill country and headwinds) that was BRUTAL. I'll definitely be trying to keep it shorter on the weekends for the next couple weeks...
Hey theres nothing wrong with the temps at Barton springs! I've never swum there and got out sweating, unlike indoor pools.

I've been out with the Austin tricyclist ride for a few years, they always drop me when they turn at South West Parkway, as I hadn't been out on my bike for nearly a month, this week I wasn't as good as usual. I'm considering taking my bike to the Texas roundup 5k, racing the run, jumping on my bike and trying to get to the ride. I should have 5-mins if the race starts on time!
Pretty cool
so maybe I can one day make the pool warmer just by running some extra code...
Re: Pretty cool
Well we've already got systems that reduce power when not in use. That discussing that here is a bit workish for lj.

The thing im waiting for is the endlesspool feature on my next server. buy a server, get an endless pool free!