Where did that come from?

When I left to ride home tonight I didn't have any great expectations of going fast, a few minutes over my PR(34-mins) would have been fine. However, I struggled up to the first light on Burnet and then all the way down Burnet and Lamar. Where did that wind come from? It seemed to be blowing straight into me the whole way home.

Anyone else out cycling tonight ? Was it just me making excuses??
14-miles, 40-mins, color me disappointed.
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I wasn't biking but the wind was totally insane tonight. I was walking and I was literally blown up a hill from behind. It was crazy.
Texas Iron Women were cycling out in Travis Country, which is mostly protected from wind, but there was one stretch that was pretty difficult, especially the crosswind! color yourself accomplished!
A few minutes over your PR? You should know by now that you shouldn't be chasing PR's in training... ;)

Yeah though, crazy wind is awful. Turn off the watch when that happens - ORRRR you could use a powermeter then you'd see that actually you did more work than you normally do. Maybe set a PR power output! =)