triman (triman) wrote,

Blogging extravaganza

Looks like blogging is going to take an bigger slice of my time in the coming months and years.

I've been invited to become a guest blogger for the greateribm blog. I've kinda been struggling to find some topics to discuss though, since the greateribm blog is for alumni and current employees as well as those with a general interest in IBM. Since most of what I do is technology research and advanced technology implementation it's not applicable for their blog, but they want me to contribute as I'm a senior technical leader at IBMer. I'll noodle on it.

However, I was delighted today when Tim Trentham of Austin Metroblogging emailed me today and asked me to become a contributer. I didn't hesitate. It will make me apply a bit more thought to some of my posts than I'd normally apply here, but I already have some ideas and it will be a way to get some of those more widely read. Look for my first post sometime this week on the VMUification of South 1st, followed by some that will be triathlon related.
Tags: metroblogging greateribm blogging
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