triman (triman) wrote,

Friday 5

Friday 5 from effendi (ps Jay... litter had me fooled for a few seconds)

1) You're running in a race and on PR pace, and about 2 miles from the finish line you see an athlete down....what would you do?

2) What is your gas price today litre or gallon?

3) You're stuck at work with no food what is your chose out of the vending machine?

4) You only have an hour of entertainment TV to watch this week what would you watch?

5) To get to work under human power bike, run, walk, roller skate what is the furthest distance for you to do on a daily basis?


1. Keep going, if I'm on PR pace there will be plenty of people behind me

2. $3.23 per Gallon (Texaco on S 1st and Oltorf) - it's currently the equivalent of $8.42 per gallon at the Tesco Supermarket near my parents in the UK

3. Peanut M&M's and I do it out of choice, not because I'm stuck!

4. Ironman Hawaii from the Tivo/PVR

5. Happy to do 26-mile roundtrip cycling, hopefully by October I'll be able to run the 12-miles one way and bike the other
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