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Weekend Roundup in Texas

RUN:I arrived for the Texas roundup 5k at around 6.30, everything looked quiet, I managed to sneak a parking space, just on the edge of the 5k/10k where it turned off San Jacinto, north of the Capital. Then when I thought about it, I remembered the race started at 8am, not 7am, as I was originally planning to run the race and try to finish and get to the Austin Tricyclist 8.30am ride, fat chance.

Turns out the start of the 5k was late anyway, delayed by the complex arrangement for the US Master timing described by itrithere4iam, we didn't start until 8.15. I got pretty near the front, off to the left side of Congress, as we headed down Congress I tried to keep a balance pace and not to wear myself up before having to head up San Jacinto. I moved to the right ready for the 10k/5k split, and worked pretty well, or so I thought, at the 3-mile mark I glanced at the Garmin, it was already at 23:50 and I had a hill ahead before the finish line.

I crossed in 25:16, not bad but not where I'd wanted to be. Turns out I was 3rd of 12 in my age group, although I was a distant 3rd, I was also 65th overall. I'm happy with that.

I grabbed a bagel and a coffee from the mobile Starbucks wagon. As I got up to the road there were still a ton of people coming in on the 5k course, two women had stopped to take each others picture with the Capital behind them, I obliged and took one of them together.

My pace was all over the place, and thats partially understandable, the slowest 1/2 mile was the one including the steepest climb on the run.

BIKE: Getting but to the house was hard, I'd forgotten the 10k course went almost past my front door. I had  to cut up the inside from Barton Springs Rd. Within 10-mins of arriving home I was out on the bike. I decided on a hard short ride, time to test out my speed and pace, I was delighted. I headed out of South Austin, I took it easy for the first four 4-miles, I even sat up for a mile or so fiddling with the Garmin. When I got outto West Gate Blvd it was game on to the end of Brodie Lane. On the long flat part of Brodie down to Slaughter, I was pushing 29MPH, although in the in the graph it only shows an Avg of 23MPH, I'll take that. I was suprised that I was in good shape all the way down, across on FM1626 to South 1st and then back on S 1st.

Most of the miles from then on that were under 20MPH avg typically had a hill to climb, the red line on the graph is the elevation change. One thing I was reminded today, I don't go uphill fast!

RUN: After what was definitely my fastest ride of the year so far and a good omen for CapTex, I did something completely in character, but completely against advice. I left my running shoes and the new built-up shoes in the garage, and after a running dismount on the drive, I grabbed the built-up shoes and went for it. I did a full mile on the shoes before coming to a stop and walking home. They felt really weird. On any sloped surface it felt like my ankle was going to cave-in. Then it just felt like I was running with a brick attached to one foot, which of course I was. However, as I rounded onto S 5th I had to say my hips felt good, which they normally didn't by then. I'm going to try them again Tuesday, perhaps I'll try for 5k.
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