Shoe love

I swam at Barton Springs last night, almost empty at 7pm, did a nice steady mile working on stroke, form, breathing and finishing strong. Turns out there was a formal blessing for Barton Springs by 6-genuine Tibetan Monks going on at the pool, all the local news crews where there, and so it seemed like a bit of a demonstration swim as there were a ton of people sat on the grass bank watching.

Barton Springs home to the Tibetantour from statesman.comAfter the swim while I was drying off at the pool, along came one of the monks splashing ceremonial water into the springs, he looked at me, I smiled back and he sprinkled me with the water too and proceeded along the edge of the pool. Can't help to have good karma. I found this pitcure of me and the boys on the Statesman website.

After the swim I changed into my run gear and the new built up shoes. I figured the advantage of running around the roads outside Barton Springs is that it was a loop, if I got into problems I would be no more than a 1/2-mile from the car.

I took the first lap steady, getting used to the built-up shoe is a weird thing, but it seemed easy. The biggest surprise was the hills. Going up has always been hard, even small ones, imagine that your stride is 2-inches shorter, it makes running up hill a frantic short-stepped cadence effort, not today, although it was only a slope, it was easy. Then it came to going down hill towards the open air theatre by the springs. Again, normally going down hill requires running seriously with the brakes on and leaning back, otherwise you get the feeling of over balancing and falling over, not anymore, I ran comfortably down hill.

I was just winding up the 2nd loop when a cyclist came off the trail, much to my surprise it was my friend from work Jeff, I slowed while we talked and as Jeff went on his way, I picked up the pace and finished the 3rd lap hard. Very, very pleased, no real pain, going down hill was a joy and fast. This morning my right ankle is a little stiff but thats nothing.

The big news is I did a negative split for the final lap. I've not in memory done this since the accident in 1978, or the surgery in 1992. Normally as I run my kness and hips stiffen up making it difficult to go faster even if my muscles have the strength. Now, this might just be coincidence, but it might just be a good sign.

Stats: Distance 3.61-miles, time 31:44, lap-1-10.19, lap-2 11:10, lap-3 10:14

Awesome picture! Awesome -ve split news!
What an awesome picture! Is that your next Moo-card?

And great news on the running and the new shoes, eh?
Re: Awesome picture! Awesome -ve split news!
Ha, maybe for the moo cards, I actually ordered a print from the statesman website.

I'm hopeful for the shoe/leg. I have the Rookie on the 10th which I know I'll be good for and will be going 'balls out for the whole race; then I have the CapTex race at the end of May. I'm still unsure about that, I've only done 10k twice this year, and I'm not sure what made me enter the Olympic/standard distance, but I have a month to get up to 10k.
Wow, what a picture and all the karma being oozed at the springs while you were there spilled over onto your run/shoes/whatever. Good thoughts and good juju that your runs may be more enjoyable/speedy/whatever you want them to be.

I love that picture.
Re: Karma
To be honest I had no real clue what was going on while I was swimming, and didn't really see and of the film crews or photographers, I was aware of the people sitting on the bank so worked hard on style and stroke length each time I passed them near the diving board :-)
I have to say, that's one of the coolest Austin stories I've heard yet. You should tell it on KUT.
nice! great juju from the monks. love the picture.

so is the real running shoe with the build up? how big is the build up? glad to hear that hills are easier. I will send you some good Rookie Triathlon mojo since I won't be racing this year :)
Yes, its the real running shoe, a Sauncony Grid Hurricane 9 with one sole built up 1.5 inches. We did it that height as bill honestly thought it was enough, and I can always put my normal built up orthotic in if extra was needed. Frankly though I thought part of the reason it felt so good was because I didn't have the hard molded orthotic under my heal.

Thanks for the mojo, am going for a run again shortly, will take an easy 5k again, and repeat once early next week before taking a few days off running prior to the rookie. After that I'll move up to working on 10k as a distance...

Was the rookie bike course hilly at all ? I'm thinking I might just take my street racer for it, rather than the full blown tri bike. After all I have Mavic carbon wheels even on that... its just much better for attacking hills!
hard molded orthotics are so uncomfortable! we do more cushy semi-rigid ones here.

I really don't remember the Rookie being particularly hilly. I was cruising in the aerobars for most of it, there may have been a couple shorter hills going over the freeway, but that was it. go for the full blown tri bike!!
Great Pic!! ~ Peace in Action ~
mmmmm wonderful

I'm so glad the shoes are awesome. Run Boy, Run!
Very very cool
Nice swim form, and it sounds like the run form is much improved with the new shoes!
Re: Very very cool
the real test will come at CapTex and the end of May, the question is how will my form hold after a hard bike?

I noticed yesterday that I'd started to slip back into sloppy running, I need to focus on stride distance etc. in the same way you do in the pool for stroke form routines.

You are not doing the Shiner ride are you ??
no shiner.

I find setting my watch to beep 1 minute every 15 gives me a little wake up to measure / improve my leg turnover.
somehow I knew you'd be there
when I saw the bit on the blessing on the news, I figured you were probably swimming then. That's really cool. And what great swim form! Hope your shoes are a help to you. Alas, I won't be able to be there for the Rookie cheering squad - I will be at my TriZones Team Leader post that morning. By the time we are done, you'll probably be eating lunch somewhere.. You'll do fine. From what I remember about doing Rookie last year, coming out of T1 there is an uphill, so going out with shoes on bike is pretty tricky. You have enough practice that it probably won't be an issue. This means, the finish of the bike is downhill! WHEE!
great picture!!
That is really cool... I agree with all the above comments, including the 'form looks good' one.

LOVE the photo! I can't believe it's you. How awesome that you found it, too. :D

I am so excited you found something that at least initially is working great! I hope this helps you to be even more the triathlete you are capable of being.

Yay swimming and good runs and Barton Springs and Austin! ♥
>>How awesome that you found it, too

To be honest, I didn't find it, on the way out I talked to a couple of the photographers, one said they'd almost certainly use on of the pictures in a slideshow :-)

The more interesting thing is the video on the Fox news website, I can been swimming on the far side, its hard to believe the pool was that empty. There was no restriction on swimming, maybe most folks were just put off by the whole thing and left...