More running

Did my normal(while the bridge over S 1st is closed) loop down S 1st, loop over the footbridge and back up Lamar. Good run, no problems, have developed blisters on my right foot, probably from tightening the elastic laces too much. On the way back up S Lamar the small of my back on the right side was slightly cramping. Otherwise thats another 4-miles in the bag and looking good for the Rookie Triathlon. I should have two more runs, an easy run Sunday to shake off the effects of Saturdays Shiner ride, then I'll do one hard run Tuesday evening out in LA.

Stats: 3.78-miles, 34:15, Pace 9:04

Memo to self: From yesterdays run at Barton Springs, don't drive home in built-up shoe, I couldn't feel what I was doing, no idea if I had my foot on the brake or accelerator, or both. Fortunately I slipped the shoe off at the traffiic light on Barton Springs!
now just wear your special built up shoe and talk on the cell phone and you'll drive as if you've lived here all your life!