New talent for Tri

Having spent a few years working at club level in triathlon its always exciting to see fast new athletes enter the sport, yes I know I'm living out my dreams through their success.

Having seen Maxine Seear in Australia last year it was clear she was going to be a hot-shot this year and her storming qualification for the Olympics documented here show just how hot she is! We've got a few excellent prospects at Tri-Force , many of whom will be out at this weekends club season warm-up event, a sprint distance Tri at the brand new £15 million pounds Herts Sports Village.

One thing that passed me by though until this mornings e-mails, was the name Andy Potts. Remember that name for the ITU Worlds in Maderia next month.

Just 2-years ago Andy was a regular guy with a fulltime job who'd put on 25lbs since graduating college. Last Sunday Andy finished 2nd behind Hunter Kemper at the US Olympic Trials in Honolulu. If he can finish first American in the elite race at the Worlds, or even 2nd to Hunter Kemper Andy will also be off to the Olympics. Best of luck to the "new boy" even if I do hope the Brit's beat him in both races!
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Behind the shades...
Inside Triathlon have just posted an interesting piece, mainly discusses Hunter Kemper but Andy Potts gets more than a mention.

Why is it though so little is heard of the bulk of the US National Mens potential list for Olympic selection ? While Hunter Kemper is well known, the rest of the squad outside of Plata and Seath Wealing are almost completely unknown outside the US. How are they likely to perform in the melting pot that will be Athens ?

Doesn't bode well for a US Win or even medal in the mens race and hence triathlon and the ITU will miss the mass market opportunity presented by a US Winner.

Ironman anyone ??