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Another duplicated post from my Metroblog Austin

Austin may well live up to it’s non de plume, Live Music Capital of the world, but it is hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. I like to listen to live music, and as is the norm for a Brit’ I have wildly eclectic, or is that varying musical taste. The hardest thing for me since arriving in Austin is the weekly stare-fest looking at the music pages of the Chronicle.

There they are, page after page of band and live music listings. Almost without exception I’ve never heard of any of them. As I’m not in my teens I don’t have the time or energy to do night after night of music venues to find out what I like, and since I’m new’ish in town I don’t have the circle of friends with like-minded tastes. Oh, what is a boy to do?

Well for this week I’m all set, its going to be a very busy w/e. Tonight is First Thursday down on South Congress, always good for a late dinner and bar hoping between Gueros outdoors, Bottecelli’s back yard and the Continental club. Friday is B Scene at First Friday at the Blanton Museum, followed by a curry.

So, whats the home and away reference? Well Friday evening see Maneja Beto do their CD Release gig at the Mohawk at 10pm. I’ve seen the local Austin band twice and had a great time. Given my earlier post on VMU, to use the analogy, Maneja Beto are like a VMU band. They are an overlay on existing styles of dance music, indie, with more than a hint of electronic and south west thrown in for good measure. So thats the home band.

For an away band, Peggggy has been bugging me too see Four Way Free, who’ve been gigging and blogging their way across the country from LA. They are on Saturday at the Dirty Dog. Much easier to classify, and probably more mainstream but just as interesting to listen to. I only hope I can make it from the ride and the beer at Shiner…

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