A Rookie for the trophy shelf

I got 3rd place in my age group(27 competitors) at yesterdays Rookie triathlon. As the Austinites know, the Rookie used to get "rookies" but these days is pretty much the season opener race for this area and gets a big turnout, bigger than ever this year.

How I think the race went: I had hoped for a good result as the run was only short and thats where I lose out. My race plan was to start at the front of the swim and stay in front for the rest of the race, and I pretty much did. At the turn on the swim I thought I was in about 4th or 5th place, but as we neared the swim exit though I did think I was back in first.

I sprinted out and had an almost flawless T1, for the 1st time I'd worn the Garmin quick release wristband, and left the Garmin 305 on the bike, I fumbled as I tried to attach it to the band and dropped it, cost me maybe 10-12 seconds. Out on the bike I was quickly into my shoes and going hard up the first hill, off the I35 frontage road and just ahead was a guy from my age group. I quickly passed and set-out to maintain a 22-24MPH average.

After 6-miles though I struggled for a while. Compared to last weeks Austin to Shiner ride I didn't have the same power. I can't work out if that was my legs, or big red. Maybe I need to get a fitting done, maybe it's the triathlon position compared to the traditional road bike, which lets me use more raw power?

After turning back onto the I35 frontage road, I was passed by Greg Floyd from San Antonio, I wasn't having that and re-passed him about 200yds from transition and stormed through and out on the run. I got at least 1/2 mile out before Greg passed me, but he wasn't running fast, so I had a chance of maybe catching him towards the end. With the new built-up shoe, I couldn't work out if I should go flat-out or hold back for the finish. Just after the turn around I got passed by fellow Austinite Jesse Conrad who was flying. I couldn't see if he passed Greg, but figured he must have. I couldn't see Greg as I pushed to the finish line, but was pretty sure I was 3rd.

How the race actually went: Looking at the results, here is what actually happened. I was 4th out the water from the swim, my T1 time was 30-seconds faster than the top-3, and half the time of Brad Theroit of Austin and more than canceled out his 1-minute swim lead. Given the swim and T1 times, I can't work out who was the guy I passed on the bike unless he went in the wrong swim wave. I had 2nd fastest T1 time at 1:34, Jesse Conrad beat me by 7-seconds. I did lead for the whole bike, but Greg Floyd had a storming bike. I was 2nd in the age group at 33:15 an exact 20MPH avg, Greg was a minute and a half faster at 31:47.

Going through T2, I stormed through, almost 30-seconds faster than everyone else. I was 14th in the age group for the run, 16:50 for the 2-mile run. Thats pretty much about the same pace as my fastest 5k for the season, so I'll take that. I still need to work on it through if I want to win in St Albans. The fastest in my age group was indeed Jesse Conrad, he clocked 13:15 for the run, Greg Floyd did 13:47, so as usual thats where I lost it.

Overall though very pleased.

59:29, 3rd age group, 77th overall out of 684
Swim 300m: 6:38, 4th age group, 130th overall
T1: 1:34, 2nd age group, overall not so good
Bike 11.1miles: 33:15, 2nd age group, 40th overall
T2: 1:02, 1st age group, much better, faster than Todd Gerlach and a few of the pro's
Run 2miles: 16:50, 14th in age group, 250th overall

Results on RunFar.com

Next up: May 18th BagelFest 5k, gotta beat that 5k PR; May 26th Capital of Texas Triathlon(Olympic distance); June 8th Cannons St Albans triathlon(pool based sprint distance).
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Silverware is way better than a t-shirt. Congratulations.
Way to go!!! That's fantastic that you were 30 seconds in the lead at T2.
Sweeeet! Good job! Hey I have a quick question... Was the run accurately 2 miles according to your Garmin? I didn't wear anything at all so have no way of checking, but it seems like it was a little long. Do you know?
According to the Garmin the bike from my point in transition was 11.47-miles, and the run from just outside transition(on the way out) was exactly 2-miles!
Given how super-busy you were the few days leading up to Rookie, I'm pleased to know you got hardware! NICE!
Re: yay!
Thanks! Still bike to work on Friday ?? Plamer Lane isn't it? What time do you plan to be there, I'll need to leave early this year!
Nice job!
Thanks for the nice compliment and congrats on an awesome finish!! Hope you'll make it out to the other Texas Triathlon Series Events!!! :) - Michelle