Training and shoe update

I went out for a run last night, with little over 10-days of running time before the CapTex triathlon, I need to get a few hard 10k runs in, in the new shoe. Since my A-race for the first half of the year is a sprint, I also needed something fast.

And so it was I set off down S 1st last night, I pushed all the way to the Mopac bridge which is exactly 5k, delighted to reach there a full 2-minutes quicker than ever before(24:47). I set off easy across the bridge and the south side of the trail, back up S 5th, and a hard finish down Johanna. Since the 1ST Bridge is STILL closed, I can't compare to prior times, but its the fastest 6.5-miles I've run in 4-years, 58-mins 30-seconds.

That might be the training, it might be the shoe. Who knows, but delighted with progress. This morning my right ankle is a little stiff, but nothing compared to the pain I have been having in both knees and hips.
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Man, what is this, PR every week for you? Even I don't PR that often anymore... ;)