triman (triman) wrote,

Yoga.. At the Blanton

I'm not going to post this on metro blog Austin, there is always the chance people will read itand show up.

I went to 3rd Thursday at the Blanton Museum tonight. I've been many times before to 1st Friday, I took my Yoga gear to experience Yoga in the main gallery.

I was a great class, many new positions, calm, relaxing and hard work. Most of all it was completely free. Free parking, free entry, free instruction and you could look around the art afterwards. Most Excellent.

If you are looking for a place or way to get into Yoga, this is it. Stress free cost free and a decent class. You don't even have to have a mat, the instructor showed up with a bunch, I can lend you one too!

Remember the date, 3rd Thursday of month, not 3rd week, not 1st Thursday... Great stuff..

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