Gilberts Gazelles and Cathcarts Derailleur

As I spun up South 1st at 6.40am this morning , heading for 360 and bike to work, a beautiful sight came the other way. Just up at Lightsey RD, bounding on the east sidewalk of S 1st was a black guy, followed closely by two white guys, they were running efficiency epitomised. They were flying, shortly afterwards another guy, then 2-more followed by Desiree Ficker.
I've never met Gilbert, no idea if this was him, but it should have been...

I got over to 360 and was riding smoothly, it's a bit hairy doing the section from Lamar to Bee Caves as there are so many exit ramps, and during peak commute time drivers hack off 360 often at 60MPH+. Still, spinning nicely as I went up the incline towards the Bee Caves ramp and right then, without even a gear changed my back wheel locked solid. I managed to keep the bike upright and unclip without falling. I dodged one car entering the ramp and took a look over on the side.

For the second time, the rear derailleur hanger had got caught up in the back wheel. It had flipped up and behind the rear stay and was jammed solid, I couldn't even get the wheel off. Nothing else for it, I removed my shoes and helmet, picked up the bike and started walking back for 360. I crossed to the East bound side at Las Chimas Parkway and started "hitching" for a ride.

Within 2-mins a guy from the Faculty at St Edwards pulled up in his truck, I dropped the bike in the back and he drove me back, ironically to Lightsey Rd off S 1st. Thanks so much Sir. I walked back the rest of the way to the house carrying the bike, dropped it on the rack in the garage, grabbed big red, fitted the Zipps, pumped the tyres up and was off again. I didn't have time for the 360 loop now and headed straight up Lamar, Burnet and arrived at the office at 8:50

Bummer, thats going to cost me to get fixed. I'm sure it can't be me, the Derailleur was replaced last time, so it can't be that. Maybe its a problem with the Cannondale frame design... oh dear. Will have to book it in Jack and Adams, I was thinking about using it for CapTex as its a great bike for sprinting... that ain't going to happen now.
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I know this is not much consolation but when I went to get Buzz ready for the trip to the breakfast station, the rear tire was flat. I know what did it, too. Shaayla and I were talking after the Time Trial Tuesday about the debris on the shoulder - she had actually caught some fragments of auto-tire in the front part of her frame. Apparently, Buzz caught a wire (like would be contained in a steel-belted tire) in the rear wheel and that's what caused the flat. We didn't have nearly the excitement you did though. I was just 10 min late to my breakfast station post. We missed you! Maybe next year..
yeah, but what was the mistake?

I'd been happily spinning in the same gear for a while...