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Something for the w/e

Saturday morning I was up early and helped out at the Austin Triathletes Open Water swim, it meant standing in the water for close to 2-hours and helping people out, afterwards my knees felt most odd. I went and did a couple of laps around the cove afterwards before helping the runfar guys pack up, which was hard work, those timing mats weigh a ton!

Well done to shubbe, and good to meet crabbyoldjaws and leahruns who all did well! It was as perfect conditions as I've ever seen for a 2.4 mile swim. It would have been fun to do it without a wetsuit and seen how long it took.

This morning I was up early and out to do the BagelFest 5k, the plan was to PR, but it didn't happen. Memo to self, anywhere west of Mopac is bound to be hilly. I think I went out too fast again, I got around in 25:06 10th out of 16 in my age group, and 86th out of 267.

I have not loaded the Garmin data up yet as I was busy doing stuff around the house today. My cactus patch got another occupant, I cleaned the leaves, trimmed the bush at front so I can watch the Polvos patrons parallel park without having to strain, and I did some electrical work, or rather I tried.

Theres a whole story around the BagelFest 5k involving not taking my running shoes, but its late and even I am getting tired of writing up my own bafoonary. Really, I must get ready for races the night before.

Next up:  Monday is moonlight yoga; Tuesday I'll bike to work, do the Splash and Dash at Pure Austin North and then bike home, Wednesday evening is 10k run; Thursday is rest day and go see Tyler Jordan at Opal Divines; Friday is long swim and some rock band very late at the Saxon Pub; Saturday I'm taking off, Sunday is CapTex and my only Olympic distance triathlon of the year! (thanks to cruisergirl)
Tags: race, running, training
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