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Something for the w/e - CapTex

Well last nights Pure Austin North Splash and Dash confirmed my swimming has improved enough to have a fair go at the Olympic distance on Sunday. I did the 750m swim in 13:12. Thats not back to where I was in 2003, but good enough.

I went out what I thought was hard on the run, but my 1/2-mile splits were nothing special, however, just at the end of the 2nd lap I had to catch my breath for 50ft as I was near puking. Whoops. After that I was OK and finished the run in 17:26, which on pace makes it one of my slowest for a while. Huh ?? Final time including botched transition, 31:40

Anyway, checked out the CapTex race details, it's good/bad for me. 1. You have to bike check on Saturday. As I'm only about a mile from transition it would have been nice to bike down early on Sunday in my race gear and go. I guess I'll have to walk or catch the night bus.

Then I checked the race waves. Yep, it's the elites/pro's and then the 50-over guys. That will be nice as it means my race will be over around 9:30, it also means the bike course will be reasonably clear and if I can get back early I'll be able to count my place by the number of people that pass me on the run.

Finally, dropped the white 'dale off at J&A's this morning for fixing up after last weeks derailluer jam-up, saw alkaloids who said the same thing had happended to him a few weeks back, doesn't make me feel much better havign to spend probably $350 on a bike that is past its best, but at least OI'm less likely to worry I'm the problem.

My number one tip for anyone else doing the race Sunday. Get yourself a black permanent marker, after putting sunscreen on Sunday morning, do your own body marking before you leave the house, skip the lines. You need to put your race number on your upper right/left arms, just above the right/left knees, and on your right calf age/wave letter.
Tags: captex, cycling, races, splash and dash, white canndondale
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