More Athens antics

So, Athens is looking more and more precarious now. If you can add 2+2 and make five, there are a couple of news stories which add up today.

The first is that the IOC has taken out a cancellation policy to cover their losses in the event the Olympics gets canceled because of an act of terror or terrorism.
[Insurance Journal report]
[ - IOC gets insurance against cancellation of Athens Olympics]

And theres Mark Spitz, quoted from a BBC interview, Spitz says the US is likely to pull out of the Olympics if there is any question of terrorism, as Pres. Bush couldn't afford the blood on his hands in an election year.
[BBCi Sport: Spitz raises fear]

If that wasn't bad enough, the Toronto Star, reports today that the Athens Olympics is now $1 Billion over budget.
[ - Athens Olympics $1B over budget]

The old saying is "no news is good news". Perhaps a derivation would work for Athens, all news is bad news!

I've decided its not worth the hassle, I'll catch the triathlons on the TV, I'm going to spend the money instead on competing at the European Triathlon Championships in Switzerland!
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