[See post on the BTA web site by Norman Brook sill in Google cache]. Its a strange old world, its interesting that the BTA should "announce" this. Surely successful nominations of candidates in an election almost always come from within even if the candidates themselves don't.

I've had more dealings with Les McDonald than I have with Sarah(little with either to be honest), but its hard to imagine what our National Federation is doing so publically promoting an candidate against Les. Yes, Les did say he'd stand down, but who believes that...

Springman would be great for the job of running an established sport, she has more experience of real triathlon than Les does, but has she got the drive, tenacity and guile to drive triathlon forward ? Triathlon is still floundering as an also ran of commercial sport and is indeed still a growing sport, and any sport that depends so much on volunteers, has a lot of politics and a lot of entrenched thinking...

Les and Sarah undoubtedly know each other, what I don't know is if Les thinks Dr Springman is the right candidate to carry forward his legacy.

Anyone for the Triathlon Council for Europe ?

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