Saturdays up = race day again

Nick Seidl posted an updated competitor list for Saturdays Tri-it in Spanish race. This is very instructive if you take the age group names and plug them into - You can get a picture of your competition, and it looks like an interesting and hard race,

There are currently at least seven in my age group, Lane Carnes, Jonathan Fisher, Mark Cathcart, Norberto Valdes, randall seidl, Reyes lopez, and Steve Wilson. Of these at least Lane, Norberto and Reyes are similar racing machines and have done a long list of events, Reyes has 44, and beat me by 6-minutes at last years Cactus Challenge. Lane is a former USAT National Championships competitor.

So, I'll have to work very hard if I want anything out the race, I'm swimming at 7pm tonight at Barton Springs, Friday I have to go to NY for a day trip and Saturday is race day...

If you have not claimed you race results on - give it a try!