CapTex redux

I had a quick look through the pictures finally, I posted my favorite four five behind the cut.,
I can be seen just above the "h" in photography, no wetsuit.

The antithisis of yesterdays race, triathletes for as far as you can see, not many of us without wetsuits.

And this is part of why I get through transition quickly, you'll never see me as fast during the run, why not ?

and here I am on my way out, still sprinting despite the terrible conditions underfoot; shame we had to run another 100m with that concrete under foot before mounting.

There were loads of good bike pictures, but I still like this one,

Hey, look I'm running! Although my bad leg is about to push off, the good leg isn't nearly far enough forward. Maybe I need to get a run coach to help me learn to run again.

The rest of the pictures are here, take care there are 80 of them, they must have msitaken me for someone important ''-) simple private sharing
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cool! you totally look like you are STORMING through the transitions!