If triathlon was football would we be talking about the manager ?

Well the weekends ITU World Triathlon Championships bought about some predictable results given it was more an Olympic qualifier than a World Championships.

Well done to Bevan Docherty in the mens race even though a lot of his southern hemisphere peers, Simon Whitfield and others either not racing or not racing hard, he did well to beat Rana(Spain). Andy Potts(USA) in his first World Champs came in a respectable 11th with an excellent run. In the Womens race the Americans turned in good performances, with Taormina winning, Reback 3rd, Linquist 7th and I suspect Julie Swail a disappointed 23rd.

So, what of the Brits ? Well after 4-years under coach Graeme Maw, no end of overseas, warm weather training(mostly down under), top placed man was Tim Don 4th, Marc Jenkins 14th, Stuart Hayes 16th, Stannard 20th, and AJ only just making the cut-off in 47th.

In the Womens race, Julie Dibens put in a good race and continues to return to her pre-Sydney Olympics best, but only Andrea Whitcombe who came off in the bike had an excuse, with Leanda Cave, Michelle Dillon significantly underperforming.

I can't help thinking, if this were Football wouldn't we be asking some serious questions about the manager ? This is especially true in the womens case. For some reason Dibens was only reserve and only got in because long time favorite Joidie Swallow pulled out injured.

The World Class Performance Programme has put a lot of money into GB triathlon and into what is fast becoming a squad of mercenaries under Maw. Some will remember that prior to taking his job at the BTA in 2000, Maw spent two years Queensland Academy of Sport in Australia. If he was manager at Chelsea he'd be gone at the end of the season without a doubt.
GB Triathlon selection for Olympics
What has happened to Leanda Cave?
Is she injured?
Why is the ex World Champion not being considered?!
Isn;t it about time that some criteria for selection was put in place!
Re: GB Triathlon selection for Olympics
re: Leanda Cave

I agree, its a strange situation given Jodie Swallows selection. I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place, the selection of a local athlete or one of Maws mercenaries ? - Personally, like others, I can't see why Andrea Whitcombe wasn't selected.
olympic selection
Anyone please infom..since when was athens the selection race?
At her only"major"race(Europeans)JS was cycled out the back and came in the 30,s at the end.
Since the Athens test event...nothing.Even injured and not showing any kind of fitness..equals selection.Leanda cave has "only"..commonwealth medal and World Medal..eerr Gold that is,to show.
So Jodie Swallow does not have to show up to get a place.
Anyone...what is going on?A very wrong situation and an insult to everyone.except,those with an agenda to fill.I think we should be informed!!
Re: olympic selection
Again, agreed. It is indeed a strange selection. With Whitcombe, Cave and others having done at least well as this year, and in Caves' not so distant past having been world champion, and she definitely deserved that win as I was there in Cancun on the day, and would imagine the conditions in Athens will be pretty similar.
Olympic selection
I think the women's selection process beggars belief. Not taking anything away from JS who no doubt is a talented athlete and will future in the Olympics at a later date, Leanda Cave , ex - world champ, commonwealth medalist is a big event performer and Andrea has Olympic experience too. For JS to be selected without performing in the two selection races is a joke and one in bad taste at that. This selection sends out all the wrong messages and again the BTA has let itself down , obviously if your face fits........
Re: Olympic selection
Like many others, I too could not understand why Andrea Whitcombe had not been selected.

Take a look at the BTA’s own website and you will see that the selection process clearly states that after automatic selection from victory or a top 5 place, the next highest placed athlete secures a slot for Athens. Since Andrea came 6th in Ishigaki you would have expected her to qualify ahead of Jodie Swallow, who didn’t even race in the qualifiers. You may also have expected her to qualify ahead of Dibbens who’s highest place was 8th in Madiera.

For the record Andrea was the highest ITU ranked British female triathlete at the end of last year and is presently just one place shy of Dillon. While the committee has warranted Jodie Swallow a discretionary place for her performance in Greece last year, Andrea had solid performances throughout the season and in races, such as Queenstown (6th and highest GB place) mentioned by the BTA as having a bearing on selection.

On one hand the Committee is high risk ‘go for gold’ strategy with Jodie Swallow and on the other they have taken low risk, low reward strategy with Dibbens. Julie is not a strong runner (23rd fastest run in Madeira) and, on this sort of performance, has really very little chance of winning a medal. So is the committee confused? I think so.

Andrea Whitcombe switched to Triathlon only a few years ago and continues to improve and has become one of Britain’s best performing and consistent triathletes. Sadly this consistency of performance cannot be attributed Jodie and Julie. So have the committee used the few Olympic slots available wisely? I think not.

Why publish a selection process if you are not going to follow it? Perhaps if you are a budding young triathlete hoping to qualify for the 2008 Olympics you may be best advised to not race at all!!
Mark Jenkins.
...and while we're on the subject.
What about Mark Jenkins? Surely his performance at the Worlds should have earned him a place on the team (rather than reserve).
B.T.A. what's going on??
Why not just have one selection race where the top 3 Brits male and female qualify? No arguments. Yeah, so if someone has a bad day they don't qualify, so what. Triathlon is all about getting yourself ready to have a good day when it matters.
Secret selection clauses
OK here's the story:
Jodie Swallow has apparently been told that she has to finish on the podium of a World Cup race before the team fly off to the Olympic holding camp otherwise she will be deselected. However Graeme Maw the Performance Director is refusing to announce this secret clause, presumably because he might want to change his mind later.

I think this is totally crap, if you agree you could always email the CEO of the BTA Norman Brook at: normanbrook@triathlon.org
or the Editor of 220 Magazine at: jameswitt@originpublishing.co.uk
Re: Secret selection clauses
and presumeably if she is de-selected the team then looses a reserve??
That would be crap.
Re: Secret selection clauses
Well depends on team managers position on Jody and her injury. If in the managers opinion there is a greater chance that she'll make it than not this would be an entirely reasonable position to take. "We've put our trust in you, now prove it or pull out."

I'm not up to scratch on the Olympic team rules but I suspect a new reserve could be bought in anytime.

If on the other hand the team manager was on a wing and a prayer with Jody, ie she has little chance of making it, then this is a very poor way to go. Not only does it undermine Andrea, but also won't give someone presumably like Leanda Cave to adequately prepare as reserve. Go figure...
Re: Secret selection clauses
Surely the manager's view on JS can't be that upbeat...
Rumour has that Jodie is a stone overweight and has not run or cycled at all for months. Which might seem bad enough but apparently she isn't even swimming that well either.
has ANYBODY actually bothered to find out the real facts instead of bitching and complaining about one thing or another. If selection criteria had been read in full then this disucussion would not be taking place.

Also what has LC done since 2002?????
Its not clear which discussion you are referring to... Why Dibens only got in the Worlds team ? Why Swallow was selected despite being injured ? Why Whitecombe didn't get selected and so forth. I've read the selection criteria as laid out on the BTA website but am still confused. I am though concerned about the transparency of some of the processes used to decide this and many other GB related traithlon decisions. This is the latest example...
The Facts
The BTA have presumably followed it selection criteria and either invoked clauses 4.4.3 ro 4.4.5, see below. Either way the selection of Swallow is based on last years performance not current performance. A high risk approach to selecting a team. Why not leave Swallow to 2008, she's young and can improve further with age? The BTA have remained remarkably quiet on this ignore critiscism by the Sports Dispute Resolution Panel for its "poor drafting" and that "It is apparent from our decision that there are features of this particular selection process which clearly need improvement for the future. We trust that they will be given due consideration in everyone's interests."

4.4.3. Or express in writing to the Chairman of the Selection Committee no less then 1 hour prior to the commencement of each selection race why they are unable to participate in the race, and have previously demonstrated medal-winning potential;

4.4.5. Previously demonstrated medal-winning potential will be taken to be a top 5 finish at an ITU World Championship, World Cup of 14% standing or higher, or European Championship since January 1 2003, on courses prioritised in the following order: Athens (Olympic Course), Carlsbad, Madeira, Queenstown, or elsewhere