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So I admit it, I'm a triathlon fashion victim when it comes to Sun glasses. I bought a pair of Oakley Topcoats back a long time ago at Sydney airport in their duty free. They were my first real triathlon purchase after I'd decided to do my first triathlon and bought the Australina Triathlete magazine while there, and lots of the pro's were wearing them! Sponsorship works. Ever since then they've been my #1 glasses for racing.

They've lasted 8-years+ but finally gave up during the recent St Albans triathlon when one of the arms snapped just where they join the frame. Probably from trying to jam them on my head with one hand while cycling, thus stretching the frame...  You can see them on the left jammed into my bike helmet as I exited the swim at CapTex, which probably didn't help either.

So I called Oakley today to see if they were still under warranty ;-) No surprises they were not. They did though offer me an instant $30 voucher for an upgrade off any similar plastic framed glasses, except from their models listed as new on the web site.

So, I did a quick search on ebay, snagged a supposedly new pair of Red Topcoats to match the bike colour; and will use the voucher to buy a new pair of leisure glasses, such a fashion victim. Talking of being a fashion victim, Oakley.com has some decent mens outer wear in their summer sale, I bagged a pair of Oakley jeans for $20... honest!
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I have a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses with interchangeable lenses that I adore. I didn't look into Oakleys for some reason. I wasn't sure if they had prescription and I needed prescription sunglasses.

I need to get more lenses though for different light situations.
Yay, I have two pairs of Rudy project for training and normal bike riding, I have the Rudy Ekynox (non-SX full size version) in red and silver with four sets of lenses, Black, clear, rose and yellow. I bought the first pair in Australia too, the UK £ to the AUS $ used to be a great exchange rate, but they shop I bought them from didn't have a great selection of lenses.

I looked on ebay and got a 2nd set with the other three lense sets for less than the price of lense sets. Maybe you should check ebay! Despite its reputation, I only buy from people/stores with solid feedback and have never been let down.
I can't get prescription lenses on eBay and I need to have prescription. It's too bad because they are super expensive.
See, I can't get into racing sunglasses, they're not me. Would Carrie Bradshaw wear Oakleys?
No of course not, but now you are scre*ed, Carrie would never wear lyrca cycling shorts either. Maybe you could get away with a YSL swimsuit and insert a small foam pad...

I've got a full set of RLX (Ralph Lauren) Polo Sport cycling gear from back when there was a cycling team, but its in L so I doubt it would help you. It comes up on ebay from time to time.
i really want some oakley prescription glasses. but man, they're expensive.
How much is expensive ? @anricat says Rudy are expensive as well, but I paid $204 yesterday for just a new pair of progressive lenses for regular glasses...