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Splash and dash delight

I did last nights Splash and Dash up at Pure Austin North, I only just arrived in time having trailed all over town looking for A/C filters to fit my apparently unusual 18x18 opening upstairs... I'm sure HEB used to carry my size, any hints on specialist suppliers in town?

Anyway, I thought I'd worked hard in my first Splash and Dash, it was my first real run in the built-up shoes, I was also racing my neighbors, KB and Nathan, in the end they both just beat me. I was 29th out of 121, my times were:

Swim: 13:58
Run: 17:13
Total: 31:11

In last nights race, I was convinced I could make the swim faster, but not sure about the run. And so it was I lined up in the group behind the fast swimmers and before the rest. I had a pretty uneventful start, not many knocks or swim overs etc. It was only after turning at the last bouy that a woman swam diagonally across me, causing me to briefly stop. Easy out, but again minor problems getting my feet in my shoes. I need to look at maybe reducing the elastic laces by one group of holes per shoe, to ease in. I'll probably try them out tonight.

The run went well, I'm not sure what it is about running on the trail up there, dust or pollen, but my mouth is always much more dry than elsewhere. I tried chasing eventual winner James Boney for a lap, he was just starting his 2nd lap as I came out on the run. I didn't last long though, as we rounded the corner for the part of the trail that runs parallel to Pure Austin, I couldn't keep up and dropped back. I kept an even pace for the remainder of the run, but couldn't manage a sprint.

I was 31st out of 122, almost 1-minute faster than the first time, my times were:

Swim: 13:41
Run: 16:33
Total: 30:14:00

Full results here.

Next up: Tonight I'm going to do the Summer Stampede 5k down at Town Lake Trail starting under the I35 bridge. As I said to anetmarie at last nights Splash and Dash, I don't train anymore to race, I race to train.
Tags: jack and adams, pure austin, race, splash and dash
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