Third 3rd - Summer stampede rumble

I did the Summer Stampede 5k trail run tonight, I biked down, gave it my best shot and finished in a disappointing 26:26.

However, I got 3rd place in my age group, and a ribbon, but it definitely qualifies as 'you've got to be in it, to win it as I was also last in my AG.

Still, since that's my 3rd race in 4-days, that's my excuse for the time. Next time I'll rest before the race. patriathlete  did better, she also got 3rd and improved on her time from last time.

Next up: 3rd Thursday Yoga at the Blanton Museum, 6.30pm start
You might also factor in the, oh, I don't know, 103 degree temperature!!!
Was it? I was gasping for the last 1-mile and struggling, I'll take what excuses I can get ;-)

Shame is, I tied my ribbon to the bag I carried my run shoes in, when I got home, it was gone :-(

Oh well, will have to enter the next one and get at least 3rd