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One of my twitter friends and work colleague, @epredator, fed his CV into to produce a tag cloud. Pretty neat. I did one too. Since I couldn't find a way to get a raw listing of my livejournal tags, I wrote a quick 11-line program to read in a file with my LJ Tags in * tag - n USES and write out one line for each instance of the tag.

See the result of this to the left. If you've got a Java enabled browser you can click on it and see a much larger version created dynamically. Next up I used wordle to analyse my links. You can see the result of that in the 2nd example. Wordle is a web site run by another work colleague, Jonathan Feinberg.

What is obvious from both of these is that austin, training, gadgets, music and triathlon are pretty important to me, no surprise there then. If you want to see my CV tag cloud, it's here on my wordpress blog.

You can paste any text into and it will generate a tag cloud, this one is the lyrics from Slovo's Killing me. Of course, if you've no idea what tags are, and don't get tag clouds, this won't be of much interest. However, it's a great way of summarizing a collection of words.

I was really surprised what an accurate reflection it did on my CV. It would be kind of fun to feed the whole US Constitution into it and see what it comes up with. I've found a bug already and emailed Jonathan. For example, it didn't seem to like the word never, as in the lyrics of never is a promise, by Fiona Apple. Have fun, enjoy

[update] Jonathan emailed me back this morning to say he'd removed never and a bunch of other owrds from the 'stop' list. You can turn off the stop list via an option as well.
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