It's that time again - Longhorn/Austin 70.3 bike course

Not sure if I'm going to do the Austin 70.3 or not yet this year, however, the time has come to start weekly early Saturday rides on the bike course. It's changed a LOT from last year, the course maps are available here.

Like last years rides, I'll take a slight detour at the end of Litig and go down to a gas station in Elgin for refreshments and bathroom breaks. For the first few weeks I'm happy to go at the pace of the slowest, hopefully we can get a few people out and after that we can group based on speed, or you'll just have to go as fast as me, or vice versa.

There is a short-cut in the route this year for anyone who doesn't want to do the whole 56-miles the first couple of weeks, I'd GUESS its about 28-miles total.

I plan to get to the parking lot at the strip mall, behind the gas station on the corner of Decker Lane and Decker Lake Rd. Here is a google maps link for the area. I plan to arrive around 7.15am, ready to leave at 7.30am...

Anyone else coming ??
wow, that really did change
no longer go up to 290, going different direction on Blake-Manor, etc. I can't join this Saturday but might want to check it out in the future. Let us know about the big/loose/vicious dog quotient.. I've got pepper spray but that wouldn't have done me any good last year when I had one on each side of me running at 20mph..
Re: wow, that really did change
Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed, the fastest bit of the old course is gone, my guess is it will be slower this year, but I'll see!

Keith was keen to get the dogs restrained, take a house number, call the cops and ask them to have a word with the owner. I did it once last year and never saw them again.
I'm planning on a double Dam loop this Saturday morning, but I think I will join you later this summer, possibly while tapering down for LP (early July?).
I'm down with it
especially as I learn / get comfortable on biking there :D
see my post from today. Memo to self, since two bottles were never enough last year, why did I think it would be enough this year.. enoyed the ice cream bars though... hmmm chocolate...