RunFar Bike Time Trials

I had my 2nd go at the time trials tonight, I was feeling ok and got there in plenty of time. Last time the wind was really blowing on the return leg and I recorded a poor time of 25:36.1, 18.8MPH.

Given I've averaged 22MPH over a 56-mile HIM course, and some of the speeds I was getting late last summer on the Longhorn course, I have to be capable of at least a 24MPH avg over the short 8-mile course before the end of this year.

Here is something to ponder as you get ready for tonights time trials. Finally after 7-years I got my TT time under 25-mins, 3-mins quicker tonight, no cheating, wind all over the place, used my road bike with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL's. Temperature when I started, 95f/35c.

There were 85-starters tonight, the wind was all over the place on my first and second runs; I used my white 'dale road bike with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL's. Temperature when I started, 95f/35c. The overall winner passed me just at the end, some guy I've never heard of, Stefan Rothe, time 15:56.2, 30.1MPH - close to the course record, so it can't have been that windy :-(

Both my laps, beat my prior best, first lap 22:23.6, 21.4MPH got me 6th in my Age Group and 58th overall, the AG winner was Frank Kurzawa, 18:03.3, 26.6MPH - so I have some way to go ;-)

There were a few notable triathletes there, Amy and Brandon Marsh, Kelly Handel, but many others were missing. I got beat by Madison Prado, local 14yr old girl who did 21:24.5, 22.4MPH - still she weighs half what I do... The wind was really blowing when I did my 2nd lap, 24:55.3, 19.3MPH.

Official RunFar Time Trials Results page

Next up: Interval run Wednesday evening; Baghead at Alamo Drafthouse Thursday
That's pretty good. I need to figure out the logistics of how to get down there on TT nights with a TT bike. Not driving much and working extra hard is making it hard for me to figure out these things...

I know Stefan Rothe. He's a cyclist who works for Source Endurance as their main cyclists coach. Solid time he threw down. That'll be cool to see the record get broken soon. =)
Don't know if it would help, but I guess I could take your bike along if you dropped it off at my place... I must admit, its tough for me to get down from North Austin in time. Yesterday the traffic was bad, but the first time I went, I avoided driving down MoPac and came via S 1st and the back roads, Redd, Westgate to Broadie but got stuck on Slaughter.

Is Stefan the guy with the beard ??
I think I figured out that if i bring the bike to school on Tuesday of the TT I can just go from there and it'll be no problem. I would have to take my aero helmet in a backpack or something, and would like to look into getting a speedsuit to be honest for swimming/biking in tri's. I guess a good speedsuit could save you upwards of 3 minutes in an oly between the swim and bike, so that'd be pretty nice.

I just have to plan in advance better. I think it would then be just like a 10-12 mile ride from UT to the TT and then I'd worry about getting home from there.

I've never seen Stefan with a beard and he's German/Austrian/something so I can't imagine him with a beard.
Ha! Rothe! That's the hubby of the young lady who kicked our butt at spin class as a sub-instructor a couple of weeks ago! I thought the name looked familiar ...
OK, so that's an option, eh. How often is this TT? Does one have to register beforehand? What's the formet? "form an orderly line, roll over the timing mats when it's your turn" sort of thing?
Full details here:

Basically, you show up at the Parking lot for the Veloway, sign up, and go. Really, its that simple, and free. If you bring your own timing chip you can give them the number and your name.

The only bit that is confusing, or was to me, was the turnaround. You go to the end of MoPac, it dead ends, before you get there move onto the left shoulder, keep tight on this at the dead end and around onto the north bound MoPac, move onto the right shoulder when it's safe.

As its just a training ride, you can start when you want, and do it as many times as you want. I did two laps yesterday. If you go onto La Crosse Ave wetsbound, you can circle back and make the right onto MoPac and take the start line at speed... without having to wait for the lights.

Next TT is July 10th.