RunFar Bike Time Trials

I had my 2nd go at the time trials tonight, I was feeling ok and got there in plenty of time. Last time the wind was really blowing on the return leg and I recorded a poor time of 25:36.1, 18.8MPH.

Given I've averaged 22MPH over a 56-mile HIM course, and some of the speeds I was getting late last summer on the Longhorn course, I have to be capable of at least a 24MPH avg over the short 8-mile course before the end of this year.

Here is something to ponder as you get ready for tonights time trials. Finally after 7-years I got my TT time under 25-mins, 3-mins quicker tonight, no cheating, wind all over the place, used my road bike with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL's. Temperature when I started, 95f/35c.

There were 85-starters tonight, the wind was all over the place on my first and second runs; I used my white 'dale road bike with Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL's. Temperature when I started, 95f/35c. The overall winner passed me just at the end, some guy I've never heard of, Stefan Rothe, time 15:56.2, 30.1MPH - close to the course record, so it can't have been that windy :-(

Both my laps, beat my prior best, first lap 22:23.6, 21.4MPH got me 6th in my Age Group and 58th overall, the AG winner was Frank Kurzawa, 18:03.3, 26.6MPH - so I have some way to go ;-)

There were a few notable triathletes there, Amy and Brandon Marsh, Kelly Handel, but many others were missing. I got beat by Madison Prado, local 14yr old girl who did 21:24.5, 22.4MPH - still she weighs half what I do... The wind was really blowing when I did my 2nd lap, 24:55.3, 19.3MPH.

Official RunFar Time Trials Results page

Next up: Interval run Wednesday evening; Baghead at Alamo Drafthouse Thursday
Ha! Rothe! That's the hubby of the young lady who kicked our butt at spin class as a sub-instructor a couple of weeks ago! I thought the name looked familiar ...