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Austin 70.3 ride II

I got out yesterday morning and did the Austin 70.3 bike course again. It was hot and windy at various points, I tried to do the course as fast as I can but really didn't do so well, coming in at 3:25:20 for the 58.9 miles I did yesterday.

Why 58.9 ? I was cruising along Littig, not really paying attention and went straight passed the right turn onto Monkey. Yep, thats really its name, there is no street sign at this end but there is at the other end. Overall I was pleased with the improvement over last week, but I still have a long way to go to get back to anything close to the 2:44 I did at last years Longhorn course.

At one point when I was struggling to get going in the wind, I spotted another cyclist ahead and raced for a couple of miles to catch him and then cycled alongside for a mile while we talked. He wasn't doing the 70.3 course despite making a few of the same turns. For me, the fastest section of the course is the left turn onto Parsons and then the right turn on Littig. This is one section that is the reverse of last years course and has one of the longest downhill sections on the course.

I won't be missing turns next Saturday, the course has been marked on the roadside/shoulder with double arrows in yellow at every turn. Who'd have thought.

Below you can see the elevation profile, I've marked the start of the missed turn, so it didn't really change the profile much, I suspect that overall it would have come out a zero sum gain. Here at the stats for the course.

Ascending: +797ft - 4.34mi - 11.32%
Flat: -200ft - 50.75mi - 83.6%
Descending: -566ft - 3.81mi - 5.2%
TOTAL: +31ft - 58.90mi

And here it is on Motionbased
Tags: austin 70.3, longhorn, races, triathlon
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