Test from LiveJournal Mobile

LiveJournal Mobile is a specific client that runs on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and Palm OS devices and allows you to post directly to LJ.

I've installed it and this is my test post. My first reaction is while the client is good, the data entry box used to create the post is tiny, as is the font. I definitely couldn't use it without my glasses.

The alternative method to posting from my HTC smartphone is to create and send using email. seems to work much better, but does require access to the Yahoo SMTP mail server which can be problematical.

We'll see. One thing I like about LJ Mobile is the ability to create posts that are friends only or private, email are always public I think.
Hmmm I've been using hblogger since I got my Treo. I can set which blog it posts to as well as whether public, friends-only, etc.
Yeah, if you go back through my posts, I was using hblogger too. However, now I've switched to an HTC Windows mobile PDA I'm SOL, so I was interesed to see what the client could do. But I've given up already.

Windows mobile already supports a smaller screen than Palm, and the LJ Client only uses the bottom 1/3 or so as the data entry area for posts. I'll keep an eye for an update, but this ones not for me, back tro email.
On a palm
I use hblogger client - I like it and it works pretty well.
well done
thanks much, guy
thanks much
thats it, dude