Austin 70.3 Bike course ride for July 5th and July 12th

I'll be doing it on the 5th, same time, same start place, 7.30 from the parking lot behind the stores on the corner of Decker Lake and Decker Lane. See the earlier posts for Google Maps. Brings running gear as well if you want to do a brick run afterwards!

For the 12th I won't be riding. I'm doing the Couples Triathlon with [info]anetmarie on the 13th. I could be convinced, depending on heat and other decision points, be convinced to go ride it after the race.
have fun!
that's the one day I'm NOT biking this 3day weekend. I'm not quite up to 56 miles yet, so maybe after Couples & Marble Falls I can join you (if you're in town).
IM Austin
hey there, i just found your blog doing a search for "quadzilla"... i'm moving to austin in a week and will be arriving just in time to do the couples tri with me soon-to-be-roommate!

anyway, i just wanted to say hi. i don't know many tri-bloggers in the area so i got kind of excited when i found you! :)~ hee hee.
Re: IM Austin
Well we'll look forward to welcoming you to Austin! If you look at my LJ Friends, Most are triathletes...

Please email me with your contact details, my email address is in my LJ Blog banner graphic!