le Tour 08 starts Saturday

While eating my lunch, working from home today, I tracked through the TWC Guide on the tv, only to be reminded that the Tour de France starts Saturday. If you have a TWC High Def receiver and TV, it will be in glorious 1020p high def on chanell 1646 starting Saturday morning around 10.30.

I've set it to record all the cycling shows on 1646, unless theres a miracle improvement in my time Saturday, I won't be home from teh Austin 70.3 ride for the start!
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There's 1080p (super rare), 1080i (common), 720p (common). Just thought I'd be an ass and point it out.

Hmmm... Maybe I need to get digital cable for the TdF. Or something. Hmmm hmmm hmmm...

I have an HDTV, but just super-basic cable. Thanks for the heads up. I guess that the cost shouldn't be too bad if it's just for a month (shhh... don't tell Grande).
err yes, I meant 1080i

I have to pay an extra amount per month, I think $6 for a high def TWC DVR, but Versus network is on the basic channels if you have the high def service and reciever.