Sumer Stampede 5k Race #8

I biked down to last nights RunFar Summer Stampede 5k  at townlake trail with a view to trying to better than  race #6 as I was more rested.  After I locked up my bike and helmet I walked around thinking about my race and thought maybe this is the race I could do a negative split?

It looked like a bigger crowd this week from last time, and so I decided to start a little further back and take it more even at the start. The horn went off, I looked up and I was way too far back, and likely to spend the first half mile dodging around people, so I did what I always did and made a dash for it. So much for a race plan.

The first mile I did in 7:30, I reached the turnaround at 12:04, the second mile was 8:15, the third mile 8:32 and I finished in 25:11, much better than the 26:26 I got in race #6. It was also considerably cooler and the overall winner, Bobby Asher set a new course record in something like 16:37...

I'm not sure what my HR data tells me, I was between 95-98% Max Hr for the whole race, so above 160 bpm where my max is 167bpm.

That time got me 2nd out of 4 in my age group today, so well pleased. I'm still down a minute on my PR, and hoping to get there by the end of the race series. Overall I was 34th out of 67. The results should be posted on the Runfar website later today.

Next up: Going for an easy 20-mile ride this morning; Long Run Friday afternoon, Austin 70.3 bike ride Saturday morning; Sunday off; Monday Guppy Max swim at 6.15pm out at Mansfield Dam.
Longhorn route
I just read that they have updated the bike course for this your ride out there the new version and if so how is it really different?
Congratulations on your finish last night!
Re: Longhorn route
It's radically different, many of the parts of last years course you do in reverse, and there are lots of new roads too. I think its much more a cyclists course this year, many long flat sections which will strain the average aero-bar triathlete... It's flatter now too... It's a nice course though.

I'll be doing it Saturday morning... you can see all my posts on the course here:

Including a map and elevation profile. Since I'm already tired from this week, I did 22-miles this morning and have a long run planned for Friday, I'm going to take it easy this week and take a camera and take some pictures too! You'd be welcome to come along!!
Re: Longhorn route
Thanks, your June 22 entry is a great description...I was busy that day in CdA so I missed your entry :)
I may take you up on the ride later but for now I'm just slacking...July is my month to slack according to my coach and friend, Amy.
That is phenomenal!!
very very fast - I'll bet you're pleased. you're going to make me look bad at Couples!
Re: That is phenomenal!!
Hey, it's just for fun and 'cause I like racing and hanging out with peeps after the race, you won't look bad at all... I'm so glad I have a partner instead of being a loaner and doing the couples solo!

Look forward to seeing you on race day!
Damn! My max-HR is 167 too and I don't think I can red-line above 160 for the distance you did (I'll let you know tomorrow:), way to give it everything!
Yeah I'm not sure how it relates to my VO2 Max and stuff, maybe if I went slower for the first half I'd be stronger in the second half. I'm slowly convincing myself I need professional running help and a coach who can help me learn to run and teach me how to run etc.

See the comments for the @patriathlete post for yesterdays discussion on VO2 Max, had yours done?