triman (triman) wrote,

TdF - "brand new start" but no Hi def

I got up to watch TdF live at 7.30, yesterdays recorder start wasn't in hi def, nor is today's live coverage. D'oh.

Versus runs a psuedo commercial, with cyclists cycling backwards, clips of failed drug cheats, etc. For all my US friends, the backing track and music is Paul Wellers "Bran new start"[YouTube]. It's 22-years since I first met Paul, over one UK Bank Holiday weekend in Great Yarmouth. We hung out for the weekend, as the glam rock leftovers started to fade, the late 60's mod/skinhead style or smart dressing was coming back in. The last time I saw Paul was later that year, or early 1977, I can't remember specifically, at the Roxy or Shagaramas, see this entry.

Paul's new album, 22 Dreams, a double CD, is out in the US on July 22nd. I've been bugging the guys at End of an Ear for a copy rather than cheating and ordering the import. Reading the reviews, it sounds like a good one.
Tags: 1976 roxy, tdf
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