If it says pine, it doesn't mean its finished

I ordered a 48-bottle wine rack to fit into my built-in shelves in the hall. The parts came unfinished, it took me 5-hours Friday to sand, and put the first clear coat on. Then yesterday it took me a further 4-hours to wirewool and put the second coat on.

Memo to self, buy a finished product next time.
I'm jealous of your 48-bottle wine rack, and if I can stop hemmhoraging money so fast on these newly acquired grossly-expensive hobbies, hopefully I can get a decent wine collection back.

I definitely have enough home projects that I can understand your frustration, though.
And ugh, dunno if that comment posted, but stupid LJ never remembers my login anymore and I forget to log back in. I'm really annoyed about that...
Hmmmm... That also seems like a pretty good project, but not really one I feel like I'd have any insight into from being a chemist.

That link looks kinda like it says, "catsandwiches.html"...