Austin 70.3 Bike course ride - the ride that wasn't

I woke up late and treated the garage like T1, I was in and out and gone. I arrived over at Decker Lake by 7:30, and proceeded to put my bike together, last week I forgot my track pump and biked with tyres down around 80psi, this week I didn't. Last up it was cycling shoes, oh cr@p, I forgot them.

I briefly considered driving back home and getting them, it would be a 40-minutes round trip, or I could go home and cycle from their, or I could just put my running shoes on, including the "big boy" and ride in them. Seemed like a good idea, but after 10-12-miles I was cruising at 19MPH along Blake Manor and I could feel the start of a whole new set of aches and pains from trying to keep my feet on the pedals. So I decided to cut the ride short, head straight from Blake to Taylor, down the hill, around 969 and back to Decker Lane. 25-miles, Average MPH 17.1

While riding though I could tell that I cut put more power into the right pedal. I decided that despite having ridden for 7-years with a doubled-up Look cleat, along with the "big boy" running shoe, now was the time to built a proper lift or wedge for my cycling shoe. After the ride, I headed over to Michaels and bought some modeling clay. I'll build and sculpt the build-up first in clay, then make a plaster cast and then mould the wedge using epoxy resin. Sounds easy...

I'm definitely thinking about doing the 70.3 ride after the Couples triathlon next week. Anyone else fancy doing it ?? Otherwise, next ride 19th July.
well, you'll already have your shoes!
haha. I'd like to think I could do that after Couples but remember how blasted hot it was last year? Can't join you for the 19th because Marble Falls is the next day, but if you're out there on the 26th I've "warned" a few friends that we maybe should join you then ;-)
Re: well, you'll already have your shoes!
Sure, you'd all be welcome to come along on the 26th, so far I plan to do it!

Are you doing registration for Couples?? I guess I can ask you this when I see you tonight at HH, I'm bringing another Couples triathlete, novice along tonight for her first open water swim...

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