triman (triman) wrote,

GuppyMax Swim that wasn't, Hippie Hollow that was

On the drive through the traffic on Loop 360 and 2222 it started to rain, and did it rain. Up near the end of 2222 near the Target exit there was a crash, but we still got to the Oasis parking lot for 5:48pm for the 6:15pm meet. It wasn't at all clear to me where the back of the parking lot was so we pulled in and waited, and waited. Tune came and sat in my car, we talked, and waited.

By 6.35pm it had mostly stopped raining but it was pretty obvious no one else was going to show. We drove down to Hippe Hollow in my car, were warned at the gate it was "clothing optional" but who'd have thought there would be anyone there at all after that storm. Turns out there was.

We went to the bathrooms and changed into our swim costumes. On the way down to the water it was pretty obvious that there were too "larger" nked guys, also as it happens there were two "punks" one a girl with a huge pink mohair, the other a skinny guy, she was disrobing, he was taking pictures. I checked with Tune she was ok with all this, we walked down a bit and got in. The water was surprisingly warm, I thought. we agreed the swim route. I swam alongside Tune while she did her first genuinely open water swim, about 3/5 of a mile plus another 200m or so out to the bouys and back. I did another loop to the bouys at "race pace".

By the time we got out, the two guys had been joined by a nked woman of similar build. Keep Austin Weird.
Tags: hippie hollow, swimming, tune
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