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RunFar Cycling Time Trial that nearly wasn't, but was

I was late, it had rained all afternoon, I figured I'd ride anyway even if it was canceled, heck it was still 86f which meant it was warmer than most days in the UK, and certainly days when it rained there and I've trained and raced on many wet days.

As it turns out the traffic wasn't all that bad, its the first time I've driven from up north to down south all the way on Mopac, I was expecting to sit around for hours. Where is all this traffic people keep complaining about? I arrived and shortly afterwards Tune pulled in. I was just getting ready and whyiron showed up looking like he'd just done his lap, but apparently had only been out to warm up. I made my usual excuses about not needing to warm-up, and I'm still not sure if do.

Tune was going to lead out, followed by[info]whyiron and TXIron Australian Jim, with me starting last, with big gaps in between. As I road towards the start I passed Jim and said "I hope I don't see you on the course" and then passed Tune just before the timing Mat, waiting for something, and I just started. Jim passed me after 3-miles and I couldn't hold onto him, I never saw whyiron and generally felt I had a poor ride. My mile splits for the out part of the first loop were: 2:43, 3:05, 3:15, 3:25  and it was definitely windier, my split at 3.85-miles was 12-minutes dead; coming back was with the wind and more down hill, splits were 2:17, 2:18, 2:23, 2:33 giving an unofficial 22:08 for the 8.03 miles and a new PR. Surprised, I was when I just looked it up!

After a brief rest, the other three were going to do another loop easy to warm down, I was having none of it and wan't to do another at race pace. They left, I road up past the entrance to the Wildflower center, then took and easy ride back to the start and after stopping at both sets of lights, set off to see what I could do. My out bound splits were 3:02, 2:58, 3:34, 3:12, 13-seconds slower at the turnaround, 2:34, 2:21, 2:20, 2:34. for a 2nd lap of 22:25, two seconds over my prior PR.

Next time I must try an easy loop for warm-up.

Next up:  Split easy/hard 5k this morning; swim at Barton Springs Thursday evening and then nothing until the Couples triathlon on Sunday
Tags: cycling, runfar, time trials, training
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