Barton Springs swim that wasn't and didn't

Well it had to happen eventually, I left late, tried to get into Barton Springs at about 7.50pm, there was a line, loads of cars, no idea what was going on(anyone?), so I turned around and went home, and that was that. No swim. Sigh... maybe Friday instead.

Next up: friday swim at Barton Springs; Couples triathlon packet pick-up Saturday a.m.; Sunday race Couples triathlon with anetmarie
I could be totally wrong, but I read that BS was closed for cleanup. But that was on Thursday..
Yeah, it's closed Thursdays, but on Wednesday was the Blues on the Green thing, if you're referring to that.

I was at BS in the evening, it was quite nice... I think I swam about 25 yards. Did a lot of lounging, and admiring, though.
Even though its closed Thursdays, it opens again at 7pm and you can pay the $3 or wait until 8pm and get on free.

And I meant last night, Thursday.
wow, that's not good
Beauty and the Beast at ZHT maybe? I dunno. Not like's opening weekend or anything.. how frustrating. See you Sunday! remember I'm a slowpoke! We do get to go in the 4th wave instead of DFL. I'll still be DFL outta the water, though ;-)