Couples race report

Got there in plenty of time; went to pack up the night before and found my rear tyre had a flat, changed for a new one.

Race morning I took it easy, looked around for anetmarie    to give her my medium t-shirt, after all, lime green doesn't go with my hair style and "someone" ordered her a large(did I really...) - I almost wet myself laughing at the guy next to me in Transition, he had so much food and stuff laid out, the only thing he was missing was a picnic stool/table.

When it came to transition closing, I wandered over to the car to drop off my t-shirt and shoes, collect my swim hat, goggles, and put my top on. On the way over I spotted a space in the first line right near the mount line, result! Car moved. I went and stared at my transition space again, and then down to the water. Found both Tune and anetmarie   , wished them both luck and when our wave went, I started just back from the front line. I think the swim was waaaay long, it must have been 300m to the first buoy, and probably around 1100m in total, not bad for a 800m course. The swim was littered with lots of slower swimmers, also a lot of women were colliding with guys and vice versa, causing them to stop and look up, causing more collisions.

I passed 8-people on the run up the hill into transition, I was pretty quick out, and the mount went pretty smoothly. Out on Decker Lane, I was quickly into my ride, although I got passed by a guy in T3 kit, aged 30, that was it for quite a bit of the course, in total I was only passed by 3-people. I had to shout, as always, at a couple of people, who think its ok to pass and then NOT move back over, I was passing them at 28MPH, and had to swerve around a cone, they'd certainly have cursed me if I'd hit the cone and taken us all out(*1).

Dismount went fine, although I got along the correct row, there were almost no bikes in my section of "Mixed friends" racking, which made it difficult to find my position. Everything went well after that and I was out on the run. I decided to try going easy on the way out, this seemed to be ok. I was doing ok until the way down the long hill at the back of the park. Running on the uneven ground and downhill, made it tough running in the big-boy shoe. About 3/4 down, my right ankle twisted and alsmot buckled under, I bounced up and lept in the air with a yelp. When I came down, I surprised to find my ankle ok.

I rounded the corner to head up the hill and there was  triathletebigo as Don T Bonk, I didn't have much go left but managed the run right through the end. After finishing, I grabbed a water and diet coke and walked back down the course to meet Tune and anetmarie I got to the last water station and was there about 20-mins, picking up discarded cups, Tune came through first and less than 2-mins later anetmarie. I dropped the final cups on the trash back and ran in with anetmarie.

This is the first race I've done twice since being in Texas. Comparing to last year is interesting. Last year I was concerned about my swim training, this year I wasn't. So I should have been at least 1-2 mins faster, I wasn't, I was 20:13 compared to 18:57 for last year; T1 I was faster, just 1:32 compared to 2:10 last year, bike was almost the same, which it should have been, 33:32 compared to 33:06 for last year; T2 the same, 1:00 compared to 57-seconds last year and for the run, quiet a bit better, 28:40 compared to 30:53 last year.

Even with the long swim my overall time of 1:25:00 was faster than 1:26:05 from last year, so I'll take that and celebrate! I was 186th out of 827 finishers, 4th in the 50-54 age group, although I was blitzed by Tim Terwey who won my AG and was 12th overall with a 1:08:22 and 28.1MPH on the bike!(*4)

Questions left after yesterday. Why is it my RunFar TT fastest speed is 22MPH over 8-miles, when yesterday I averaged 25MPH over 11.7-miles on a much harder course?(*4) I could(and should have kept running yesterday and gone and done a 2nd lap). But theres no way I could have done the 4-laps to make the Austin 70.3 distance(*2).

Next Up: Pure Austin Splash and Dash on Tuesday, no more triathlons until Jacks Generic in August.

(*1) Next time you are doing 30MPH in your car, strip down to your underwear, open the door and jump out, thats what its like crashing on a bike(*3).
(*2) Of course after I wrote this I realized that actually if I'd done two laps that would have been the hardest part, the rest of the course is on paved roads for the 70.3!
(*3) Probably copyright Versus network from their TdF promos
(*4) as alkaloids points out, RunFar have the distance wrong on their results page, it was 11.7 according to my bike computer, so that explains that. 21MPH average it was.
Why is it my RunFar TT fastest speed is 22MPH over 8-miles, when yesterday I averaged 25MPH over 11.7-miles on a much harder course?
So, I was curious too. Did you have an answer that you're not sharing ... ?

Or, heehee, maybe you need a 1K swim as a warm-up before your SoMoPac TT next week?
my guess is its a combination of factors, one there are real hills. Unlike many I've got used to really powering down hills to make up for time lost on the way up. The TT has no hills.

Two its a race ratger than timed training, the adrenalin kicks in. Perhaps next time I should start 1-min behind you an bet you I can beat you...

Three, maybe I should warm up!

Four, actually I was riding my race bike, maybe I should use that for the TT with the zipp wheels... see you next week, look out for a thrashing
And its because of questions like this
that a power meter is fantastic. I can compare performances regardless of terrain and plan for a certain energy output that I can know I can maintain.
Re: And its because of questions like this
I'm coming around to thinking I'll skip the Austin 70.3 and do the Texas State Championships the following week, and then train for the marathon and sign up for IM Airizona next yeat That bein the case, a Power meter is looking like a good idea.

I'll definately be doing the 70.3 course next week though. There should be a decent crowd out if you and @mizmizuno are interested in riding. 7.30 behidn the strip mall, behind the gas station on the corner of Decker Lake and Decker Lane.
Quite likely yes
at least for me. Heck, I might even try riding out from the house. Sat or Sunday?
Re: Quite likely yes
I must admit I keep thinking about cycling from home, its only another 12-miles each way... not for for the next couple of weeks though...
Now that I'm thinking more, I may want to join the REI ride on Saturday - I think it'd be useful for me as I'd learn a new route / area from my house.

Sunday maybe?
Re: Yeah
What do you want to do Sunday? I'm doing the 70.3 ride Saturday as I'm sorta a ride leader and want to at least keep it going until the end of August.
alkaloids is right
if you look at the detail it's based on 14 mile course (which that course has NEVER been - the original Danskin course was 12.4 miles, before the 130 access road appeared). Actually in the past few weeks, several of us have ridden that course (usually two loops) and it barely comes out over 11 miles according to my Garmin. Thanks so much for trading shirts with me and running in with me. Tune and I stayed till the last award was awarded and had a very nice chat. See you tomorrow to Splash n Dash!
Err, 21MPH, as Justin points out, the RunFar results have the distance at 14-miles, it was 11.7 according to my bike computer. Still reasonable compared to my TT.
The course yesterday was 11.5 miles but the run-far results have the speeds based on a 14 mile course. Thus it says my speed was like 27+mph when it was really only <23.

If you went 33:30, your speed was 20.6mph. Sorry. =(

Those hills were NASTY. They slowed everyone WAY down I'd say... I had only ridden that loop once, and that was a long time ago, and I'd forgotten about that gross 12% kicker around mile 4. That thing HURT.
doh, that will be then, I'll look at the bike computer whem I get home, assuming in fact I do tonight.