Does cream always rise to the top ?

Imagine there were no middle-men, no one to get in the way when real talent wanted out ? How would we cope ? Would we suffer from sensual overload when the quality and quantity of talent over took our ability to absorb it ?

Or worse, if there were no middle-men to hold back the dross, would we be swamped in mediocrity ? Or worse still would we drown in hopelessness ?

I can't answer these questions but I can tell you that there is real talent out there waiting to be found. On Thursday evening Steve O'Reilly and Matt Anthony aka Tammany Hall NYC stopped by and play an acoustic set for 90-mins out on the roof garden. Stunning. Great musicians, great music, great people.

If you happen to be in NYC on June 4th, you can catch them do a public accoustic set at The Cutting Room, 19 West 24th Street. Sadly, I'll be on my way back to the UK.

You can download free songs, and pay for their latest songs from their web site. Oh and Catherine, I have a CD for you from the guys...
Tammany Hall NYC via glassrecords
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