triman (triman) wrote,

More Splash and Dash delight

Following on from last time, I beat my best time for the splash and dash last night at Pure Austin. Yeah, I know everyone thinks the swim was short...

I got stuck on a late conference call and only left South Austin at 5:07 for the 6pm start, decided to drive up through town instead of MoPac or 360 and got there at 5:48, quikc check-in and numbers and it was off to the start. Patrick and the Austin Triathlon Meet-up group were there, along with apparently 150 others, these races are getting popular. Talked to [info]anetmarie and some others waiting for the delayed start, but before long we were off!

Swim went very well, as always I kept to the far left to the first platform; I did feel a little tired and couldn't pull as hard as I'd liked, and so my unofficial swim time of 12.19 suggests the swim was short, not so fast on transition, 44-seconds for transition and out the gate on the run, which should show up as something like a 13.03 swim in the official results.

yesterday my legs really didn't feel like running, my knees were stiff from all the flying on Sunday and Monday, and my glutes were tight from, well not sure. Still out on the first lap things went well, I was able to push through to the final 1/3 of the last lap, when strangely I became a grunter, I've never done that before but found myself making noises as I ran to the finish, some indication of working hard I assume.

Run done in 16.33 which was exactly the same time as last time. Overall my time was 29:36, which is 48-seconds faster than last time. Cheered on people for a while, after @anetmarie finished we walked back to the registration area for the after race social. A great evening for $10 and a continual improvement, can't ask for more.
Tags: jack and adams, pure austin, race, splash and dash
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