Full Moon celebration

Its full moon Friday, just a quick reminder of a couple of fun things, I'll be doing both.

First up at 7.30pm its full moon yoga - Should wrap up around 8.30pm, leaving just enough time to drive down to Barton Springs and park for the 9pm free Barton Springs full moon swim, which was big fun last month although I only caught it on the Austinist [video, work safe!] - hint, don't bring your wetsuit - should be a howling good time!
You know, that full moon swim thing would be a whole lot cooler if it were all nekkid. I'd then be excited about going. As it is, it sounds like a fun thing to do, but I'm kind of not really seeing the point...
Aww come on, you are taking things too seriously... you can go topless if you want, maybe others will follow suit...
Wait what? I'm taking things too seriously by wanting to run around in the buff? That's a new one. =)
taking it too seriously not to show up and see what happens, who knows... We'll be there... around 8.45pm