triman (triman) wrote,

Austin 70.3 bike course ride for Saturday 19th

Just confirming it's on, interest is starting to grow, who knows someone other than me might show up this week ;-)

Departure point is here:
Please arrive in time to leave at 7.30am.

Assuming business travel doesn't get in the way, assume I'll be riding every Saturday until two weeks before the race. Except for August 2nd, when I'm racing in Jacks Generic Triathlon on the 3rd.

At least for the next 4-weeks, the rides are no drop rides. That means I'll wait for you pretty much, however slow. At some points I may sprint off, but I'll always come back or wait at the next turn depending how far it is. I expect next week (7/26) to have some more riders out. Sunday 27th I'm considering biking from downtown Austin to New Braunfels to go watch the end of the Roque Womens Triathlon. It means leaving Austin around 6am and is a 80-mile round trip, I did it a few times last year. Let me know if you are interested in coming along.

The only thing for the Austin 70.3 course rides, depending on who/how many show up, there really are not any good rest stops on the course. Theres a gas station around mile-12(too soon) and another around mile-42(too late), so I maye ride the whole course without a formal rest stop, in which case bring enough bottles and food or if we get a crowd we can take a detour into Elgin around 30-miles for bathrooms and refuelling...
Tags: austin 70.3, longhorn, triathlon
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