Weekend roundup

Friday: Full moon yoga class, another good stretch. Off to Barton Springs with Tune, saw alkaloids lots of howling, moon never appeared until 10-mins after pool shut, no music, disappointment.

Saturday: Up early and over to Decker lake for 70.3 ride; Tune, Amy, Gene and Patrick the organizer of the Austin Triathlon Meetup group also along; left 45-mins late for various reasons, a HOT ride; stopped at both gas stations on the route, also stopped for 5-minutes to make sure that Carolyn who was out with her husband and had crashed, was ok. Gave her my card/number and told er to call if she was unwell and could finish to call me and I'd race back, get the car and come back and get her. Ride took 3hrs 38mins, average speed of 15.7MPH; tried to run from start point to park entrance and back afterwards, completely bonked after less than a mile, reason for this was obvious in hindsight.

Home and had an ice bath, couldn't sleep afterwards, kept getting cramps; laid on living room floor and caught up with the tour! Weighed myself after shower, lost 6lbs from prior to the ride despite drinking 6x bottles on the ride, 1-pint hot chocolate milk while in ice bath, numerous other drinks and food; am starting to think that I just shouldn't consider racing in hot weather... my sweat rate is phenominal and I struggle to drink enough... new tactics next week. Water only on the ride with electrolyte gels. The problem isn't getting the electrolytes etc. its the shear volume I have to drink...

Went down to 6th Street to see LA Band Fourway Free; they came highly recommended, confusing web site info, Dirty Dog Bar said the band was on from 8.30-9pm, the bands myspace page said 10-11.30pm, the door man said not before 10.30. It was 8.35, a sign of getting old is rather than hang out on 6th St, I walked around the corner and went at sat in the lobby of the Hilton and read the Chronicle. Went back at 10.25, no sign of the band, sat and watched cage fighting(yawn)... waited, asked the barman, he said the band came and decided not to play and left. WTF!

Sunday: Early morning bike ride over to Stacy, spoke to Cassidy for a while at the end of her swim session; set off to discover new pool; I'm over Stacy. Found Mable Davis... nice. 50m pool, 3x dedicated lanes, outdoors, city run, $3 entry fee. A bit tired but managed a good 1500m interval session; will definately be going back! Biked home via Sonic, stopped for a large diet cherry limeaid.... hmm. Sunday pm did yrad work, cut front and backs lawns, trimmed bushes, sweated more... went grocery shopping; did baked Talalpia with butter and lemon, Couscous and asparagus for Tune and I for dinner; watched the 5-hour TdF recording, dropped dead in bed.

Next up: GuppyMax swim at Hippie Hollow tonight; RunFar bike TT on Tuesday; rest of the week not planned; Saturday Austin 70.3 course ride, Possibly Sunday ride to New Braunfels for Roque Womens Triathlon
sorry about fourwayfree
Hey sorry about the band. I can't imagine what happened. They played there before in May, they blogged about it (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=2777038&blogID=392528307&Mytoken=B7859FCB-5542-4827-9D67C32580BAB6E918985178). Their blog is lagging behind on this tour, but hopefully the story will come out there eventually. Thanks for trying!

I rode Sunday, it was foggy and cold (low 60s all morning) here in California. You probably would have loved it! :-)

that was nice!
that you stopped to check on my friend Carolyn. Notsonice that the "brick" didn't work out. Do you use Nuun? I know it's got a high sodium content (so you don't have to drink so much). I realized during a wakeful moment Friday night that I hadn't planned my sodium intake for yesterday yet. I was shooting for 800mg/hour and a liter of e-load just about fulfulls that (bike portion), power gels also have lots of sodium. I'm hoping to be at HH tonight unless something unforseen happens. I'll be most happy to do a bonus recovery swim! hope to see you there.
Re: that was nice!
I sweat pretty heavy as well. At the Longhorn last year I sweated so bad that I actually thought the grass was wet but it wasn't it was my shoes squelching because they were ringing wet from the sweat!

Not having to race that much in the heat it is not normally a problem for me. For the Longhorn knowing it was going to be hot I decided to take those tablets you can get from Salt Stick (in addition to my electolyte drink). I took one with breakfast and one every hour during the race.

I will never know for certain but I reckon it did the trick and some people swear by them.