triman (triman) wrote,

Rogue Womens Triathlon Ride

Anyone else interested in riding down from South Austin on Sunday 27th to New Braunfels to watch the end of the race, hang out and then bike back?

I've done New Braunfles a few times before, its a long ride, and can get very hot on the way back, but there are lots of gas stations and even some more exotic stops, if interested... I figure it means leaving my house off S 1st no later than 6.30am, its about 44-miles each way, so done at 18MPH average would get down there by 9am, to see most of the runners finishing, leave around 11am, back to my place around 2-2.30pm depending on stops.

It does require a hard out, otherwise it will be all over by the time we get there. I could be convinced to leave at 6am, but lights definitely needed. Post a response, email or call me if interested. I'll be doing the Austin 70.3 ride on Saturday so won't be in tip-top condition...
Tags: cycling, training
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