Simon vs Simon - IT June '04

So, to wrap-up on a few things from earlier. The current issue of Inside Triathlon is a cracker, it has a number of interesting and readable articles. The first is Lessing vs Whitfield aka drafting vs non-drafting. It an interesting comparison but more interesting are Simon Lessings comments about the Olympics. Simon says:

"I made the team for the 2004 ITU World Championships but our Federation required the Worlds team to go to a camp together"[In Cyprus], "I didn't want to go"[family, sponsor commitments] - "That left me with one selection race"[Ishigaki, Japan to qualify for the Olympics]

Simon says he tried to argue that the Honolulu race[a US Qualifier] would have been a better test of athlete readiness, hot and Humid not to mention hilly, unlike Ishigaki. The BTA said Honolulu was too far... unlike Japan(?).. so Simon decided not to bother as Ishigaki favours guys that sit in packs on the bike.

And so there we have it. It was the management rather than Simon that effectively ended his short-course GB career. That means that GB's two most successful ever triathletes, Spencer Smith and Simon Lessing have left the scene under the current management. As I said earlier, if GB doesn't get results from Athens it ought not be just funding that gets cut!

So, how about a double for Kona this year, Spencer and Simon one and two?

In the same issue of Inside Triathlon there is an interview with the iconoclastic Dan Empfield. I'm sure there are others here that know Dan better than I, I met him just the once, briefly, but he makes his usual killer point on Triathlon National Governing bodies, he says: "What happens in organizations like this is leaders have a natural tendency to forget who owns the organization"[the members].

Lots of other interesting comments and more to read. Get your copy of the June '04 Inside Triathlon now.

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