triman (triman) wrote,

Weekend outlook

I'll definitely be doing the 70.3 course again on Saturday, although would really like to leave on time at 7.30 this week to miss an hour of the heat! I expect to have anetmarie and a few others along and so we'll take a detour into Elgin to the Texaco Gas Station on the corner of 290/95, they have decent bathrooms and space to take a break.

That will add about 7.5-miles to the ride. This week will be the last no drop week, ie the last time I'll be riding and waiting, next week I'm racing at Jacks Generic and won't be riding; the weekend afterwards marks 8-weeks to race day and its time for some speed work. As I said to Tune last night at the RunFar Time Trial, you can't just cycle and then hope to show up on race day and average 22MPH over 56-miles if you have not done it in training. Which is funny, since I actually have not signed up to race yet. I figure that if I can't do the course hard and run 6-miles on August 9th then theres no point in entering.

Hopefully though by Saturday 9th August there will be enough people out on the course to form like minded pace groups and ride together!

I"m 80% for the Sunday ride down to New Braunfels, it isn't hilly, but coming back in Austin from Buda can be a struggle in the heat, my motto, it isn't the hill ahead that wears you down, but the grain of sand in your shoe. Watch here for updates!
Tags: austin 70.3, cycling, training
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