RunFar Time Trial

Well I didn't expect much, my legs were tired and stiff from the cramping Saturday afternoon, and I hadn't actually had a day off for 10-days, which isn't like me. Memo to self Thursday IS a day off.

Tune and I did a full lap to warm up, I could feel the tightness in my left knee easing; but equally I could feel the tiredness in my legs; Tune went out just before me, Randy after me.  I had a strong ride out, I felt, I beat my split to the turn around, at 11-mins, 20-seconds, but failed to keep this up on the way back, I thought it was windire, my mile splits were certainly around 15-seconds per mile slower.

Last nights time, 23:16 - 20.6MPH, 9th in Age Group. My second slowest.
Full Results from RunFar

I went on a short run afterwards, I sorta remembered seeing my car key in the trunk, but didn't. When I got back I couldn't find it, and so had to get a lift home to get the spare, and a lift back, and yes, there it was in the trunk. Thanks for the ride Randy.
Good job. So, I'm guessing you're not a convert to the 1-lap warm-up then, eh?

I had planned on coming out, but had a little more eye surgery yesterday and didn't quite recover in time. C'est la vie. I'll see you at the next TT hopefully:)
I'm not against the warm-up, truth be said I've never done it because I'm lazy, and time starved. Of course thats no excuse. I should be able to make the enxt one, maybe see you there.
I always end up tieing my key to my shoe for fear of that very thing. Good thing you had a spare :)
I didn't do so great either
I wish I had time to do more warmup (although not the full loop). On the way out I tried to pay attention to how the vegetation was blowing and feared that I might have a slight tailwind (which would mean headwind coming back). I think the suspicions were right, but I was already behind at the turnaround by at least a minute, so it's no wonder I was nearly 2 min slower overall than I wanted to be.. it was a tough night though, so maybe next time will be better for all of us.
sucks about the key.

I make a conscious effort to always see / feel the key before closing any door that will lock (like, say, the trunk). I hate when i lock my keys somewhere :(