triman (triman) wrote,

Introducing Mable Davis!

She's a little over 10-yrs old and a good swim, hours not so good for early risers, and it closes for the year on August 25, WTF!

In fact from my perspective, it looks pretty hopeless... d'oh.

Mabel Davis Municipal Pool
3427 Parker Lane: phone: 441-5247
Location Map
Dates Monday-Friday Activity Saturday-Sunday Activity
June 7-August 17 9am-11am Lap Swim 12pm-8pm Recreational Swim
- 10am-12:10pm Swim Lessons (June 9-August 14) - -
- 11am-9pm Recreational Swim - -
- 5pm-8:10pm Swim Lessons (June 9-August 14) - -
August 13-24 1pm-7pm Recreational Swim 1pm-7pm Recreational Swim
August 25 Close for season - - -

Google StreetView
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